About Us

Supreemie (short for Super Preemie) is more than just a word to describe the amazing Preemie babies all over the world. And it's more than just a children's book about a Preemies' NICU experience.

We are a brand dedicated to acknowledging and highlighting the great strength, resilience, and pure awesomeness of Preemie and NICU babies. Our goal is:

  1. to spread positive and encouraging energy to Preemie families through our products.
  2. to educate outside individuals (relatives, familiy friends, or anyone who hasn't experienced the NICU firsthand) about the Preemie experience.
  3. to highlight and promote diversity in children's literature
  4. to help raise awareness and give visibility towards Premature and NICU babies and their fight in order to improve the future outcomes of premature babies all over the world (this is a BIG goal, so we're starting really small by donating a portion of our sales to established Preemie organizations we love. Gotta start somewhere right?). 


Hi! And thank you for visiting our site. We are Avery + Shanel, along with being husband and wife besties, we are the co-owners of Supreemie Baby. It's so nice to meet you! 

When we had our son unexpectedly at 24 weeks and 6 days due to Shanel developing severe pre-eclampsia, we had no idea what to do or what a Preemie or NICU was. During our sons' 6-month stay, we faced many trials, setbacks, and various challenges along the way, but our son, Kylo, was also so lively and strong. We could really tell that he was determined to survive and thrive and nothing was going to stop him from doing so. Not NEC, not being on life support for 3.5 months, not a PDA, not even Klebsiella (on 3 separate occasions).

He became our inspiration to keep fighting and pushing until the light at the end of the tunnel came. We saw him being a true baby superhero kicking major butt and this is where the inspiration for Supreemie Baby came from! 

We understand that the journey of a Preemie parent is one like no other. It is a rollercoaster ride full of highs, lows, shocking twists, and periods of calmness. We want you to know that you are never alone. We and our team at Supreemie Baby are here with you. Our greatest hope is that our products bring you or whomever you may be purchasing for good, healing energy and happiness!

(Since first starting Supreemie Baby, Avery and Shanel have added another Preemie to their family! Koi a 35-weeker. Kylo loves getting to know his new baby brother and is very excited to make new memories with him). 

With Love,

Avery, Shanel, Kylo, and Koi