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These boxes are a great gift for Preemie families you may know, whether they are new to the Preemie team or a bit seasoned in their journey. A SUPREEMIE box is sure to put a smile on their face! 

Each box comes with: 1 SUPREEMIE book, 2 Adult T-shirts, 1 Baby onesie, and 2 accessories. 

Great for: birthdays, NICU graduation gifts, baby shower gifts, hospital donations, etc...

If there is a customization option that you do not see and you are interested in, please email us at 

*SUPREEMIE Boxes will be back in stock June 22nd. Please leave your email above to be notified* 

*Once a SUPREEMIE, always a SUPREEMIE! If you order a SUPREEMIE box and your Preemie has outgrown the size you purchased, just shoot us an email with your receipt and we will send you another in a larger size FREE! 


*For wholesale and large orders, please contact us directly at*